How to Market Your Rental Property If You’re Not a Marketer

Owning a rental property requires you to wear a number of hats. You are more than just an owner; you’re also where the buck stops when it comes to maintenance, insurance, utilities, rent collection, conflict resolution and adherence to local laws and municipal codes. It’s a lot to take on, but it’s all worth it for such a reliable source of extra income.

But when your property is vacant and you’re looking for someone to rent it from you, you also need to wear the hat of “Master Marketer.”

Sure, you probably have some ideas on how you can attract potential tenants, but do you know the best strategies and techniques? And do you have the necessary time to spend putting together a marketing plan and executing it? It’s not easy, especially when you’re not a skilled marketer, but there are some things you can do to make the entire process much simpler — and easier!

Make the Property Shine

The first step in the marketing process is making the property as appealing as possible. This means cleaning it thoroughly and turning it into a place that will “wow” prospective tenants.

It also means taking great photos and videos that you can use to entice renters!

List Your Property Wherever You Can

These days, you have to do much more than stick a sign on the side of the building or in the yard advertising your rental property. You have to take advantage of every possible listing location. This means using the Internet (social media, Craigslist and various listing websites) to your advantage. When you list in multiple locations, you stand a much better chance of attracting the right tenant.

Be Available

It’s hard to rent out a property when you’re never able to show it to people. You may have a ridiculously busy schedule, but if you want to get the rental income coming in like it’s supposed to, you need to make yourself available to prospective tenants on their schedules. Your schedule and your calendar will have to go on the back burner if you want to get your property shown — and rented — to the right tenant.

Consider Expert Assistance

When you work with a professional property management company like Bridgepoint, you can stop wearing so many hats! In particular, you can leave the marketing of your property to people who are actually experts at marketing.

We know how to get the word out on a property so that potential tenants come running. It’s totally worth it!

Learn More

Are you wondering how you can put the strongest marketing muscles to work for your Charleston property? Give Bridgepoint Property Management a call today at (843) 800-6005 and find out what we can do to help you get the most out of your property.

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